Tips to help you choose the best shoe cabinet

Tips to help you choose the best shoe cabinet

You should consider the best shoe storage cabinet to protect the precious shoes that carry you. Generally, most people tend to store shoes near the entryway, so they’re the first things visitors see as they enter your home. That means that how you organize your shoes may make or break how the visitors feel about you. Read the tips below before buying a shoe cabinet.

Storage capacity

Shoe storage cabinets come in different capacities. Therefore, consider the number of pairs you need to store. Choose a cabinet with a higher storage capacity than the pairs you have presently. You need room for future shoe collections.


Solid wood cabinets are made of wood alone, while manufactured wood cabinets are made of natural wood combined with other materials like resin, fibers, veneers, and adhesives. Solid wood cabinets come with the following benefits:

  • Strong and durable
  • Several customization possibilities
  • Value
  • Appeals aesthetically

Consider the required dimensions

Don’t forget to know the dimension of the cabinet you want before shopping. The measurements here being the height, breadth, and length. The overall size of the shoe cabinet you buy should go with the space you plan to place it. It should fit perfectly without blocking your entryway.


Check to see if an assembly is required before you buy a furniture piece online. There’s no point in purchasing a cabinet that’s difficult to assemble, or you’ll need to pay someone to assemble it for you. You’d instead go for a pre-assembled unit, and there are plenty of them online.

Finishes and interior décor

Look around your home and take note of finishes and styles you already have. More specifically, look at the style and décor near the corner where your shoe cabinet will stand. Write down any specific colors your see. This will dictate the finish you choose for your wardrobe. Choose a contemporary cabinet if your décor is modern or an antique design if your décor is classic.

Customization and flexibility

Storage needs change with time, and so the cabinet you buy should accommodate any future changes in your storage needs and interior décor. Open cabinets easily accommodate customizations and are timeless.

A shoe cabinet is one furniture piece you’d want near your entryway, and so it should be sleek and aesthetically appealing. Therefore, you may want to check out Tylko’s plywood shoe cabinet ( and see if it fits what you want.